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wow, looks pretty good

hello i want to know if you are going to put version for win64, sorry for my bad english.

There shouldn't be any need for a Win64 specific build, the current Windows version will work fine.

okey thank you

Is the Mac version 64-bit?  I only ask because the most recent Mac Operating Systems don't support 32-bit programs.  Currently my only working computer is a MacBook Pro but the majority of my hard drive is allocated to an installation of Windows, and although I think it's fair to say that the vast majority of people who take gaming seriously will do what they have to do to get any game to run (I myself even got Mac Dev rights just so I could have access to the new Mac version of Proton), I just appreciate the gift and would like for your game to be available to as many people as possible.   Because of the newer 64-bit limitation with Mac OS I haven't been able to launch Team Fortress outside of Windows for years, which is ironic considering how much the earbuds accessory released to coincide with the Mac launch became so valued and now you can't even launch the game on a Mac unless you have an outdated machine with an old OS.  For Valve to rewrite TF2 in 64-bit would probably be a massive if not impossible undertaking, but if you are still in the early stages of building your game into what you want it to be, or if you are moving on to your next project, it may be in your best interest for it to be 64 and not 32-bit.   Best of luck in all you do, Protagoras



That is a good point! I forget that Apple tends to deprecate and remove things over time, whereas the 32bit Windows and Linux builds will still work.

The Mac OS X build is for 32bit Intel.. I've now specifically marked it as such to avoid confusion, since you are correct in that it no longer works on modern macOS systems.

Grim is almost ten years old now! I can't promise I'll be able to update it to work on newer systems any time soon, but I will have a look into it when I find some time.


Hi, I used to own this on Desura (from a Bundle Bandits bundle). I'd like to add it to my itch library (not just download it). Would I be able to get an itch key please? (or you could make it claimable and everyone could add it to their library)


I was not aware that free games could not be claimed! Seems that, currently, the best way to do it is to put it in a 100% sale, so I've done that.

Thanks for your support, and hope that helps!


Wow, thanks man! That's really cool of you!