Low Rez Fish'n is a simple fishing style game for the LowRezJam 2019.

It almost follows a one button control scheme, but you do have to move the mouse, or touch in specific areas ( the trophy or cast buttons, and the water area to move the boat. )
Sadly, there is no sound.

This also was written in a bonkers way - it's written in C and converted to JavaScript via Emscripten.


The radar in the bottom right corner shows you where there are items of interest.

Move your boat in the top area to match up with the radar and the cast button will become active. Click that to cast your line! Alternatively, click the trophy button to see your unique catches, and what you're missing.

In the cast screen, press/touch to swing your rod. Swing it all the way round and let go to cast out.

In the reel screen, press/touch to reel the line back in. This adds tension to the line - making it red. If it becomes too taut, it snaps! It also pulls the weight up. You'll see something of interest at the sides of the depth bar. If it's on the left, it's closer to the boat, so reel on in. If it's on the right, it's further from the boat, so you can sit for a little while for it to catch up with you. When the indicator turns red, that's when you can try and hook it. If the bobber starts bobbing about, it's biting so keep clicking/touching the screen to try and hook it. If you successfully hook it, the indicator becomes green and you just need to reel it home - paying attention to the line tension! Otherwise, it gets away and moves for you to try again.

Successfully land something, and you get an extra minute on the clock, hurrah!

It's a bit more straight forward to play it. Honest.

There isn't a Win condition per se, other than catching all 16 unique items and showing off the trophy screen.

As for losing... you can run out of time, and the game will reset, generating a new layout of items for you to catch.

Known Issues:

It doesn't quite work properly on mobiles, sadly.. I'll look into this later. You can get by if your browser supports getting the "desktop" version of the page.

There is no sound.

The buttons don't always debounce properly, so can sometimes be triggered when changing screen.

AuthorArcade Badgers
Made withGIMP, SDL
TagsArcade, Fishing, LOWREZJAM
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button

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