Pixel Beard is a LowRezJam 2018 entry.

It was a hasty thrown together pirate-themed roguelite, with a number of mini-games for various actions such as:

Sea fighting
Sword fighting
Treasure hunting
Grog drinking

there isn't an overall win condition, but you can lose in a number of ways.

A quick rundown on the controls for each section!

Overworld: Arrow Keys to move around. Space will call up the Minimap - unless you are on a sand tile, in which case you'll try and dig. Sail or Swim into ships or ominous looking water to start the Sea Fighting portion. Walk into Towns to call up a quick Town menu. Walk into Pirates to start the Sword Fighting. You can sail off the map in either direction, and it'll generate a new area. Sail the Infini-seas!

Sea Fighting: Left/Right to turn the ship anti-clockwise/clockwise. Pressing Up/Down increases/decreases speed. Space fires a cannon ball at your nearest enemy. If you turn tail and go the opposite direction, you can flee. If you get to a ship, you can fight the Captain ( and potentially steal their ship as well. ) You can also blast them out the water by shooting them to bits.

Sword Fighting: Up - high attack. Down - low attack. Left - block. Right - powerup ( which makes your timer cool down much faster. ) If your timer cools down and you haven't selected an action, you'll just stand there open to attack; but may be useful to get out of sync with the enemy!

Treasure Hunting: Arrow Keys to move around. Space to dig. The numbers represent how many spaces you are away from *something*. Hit a rock and lose a shovel - you can buy these in a Town Shop. For each Map, you'll get a higher chance on getting a chest. If there are no more things in the ground, you'll automatically leave, and you can leave at any point by walking off the side of the play area.

Town: Each town gives you two options - a little shop to buy or sell Shovels and Maps, and a Tavern to replenish your crew, which leads into Grog Drinking.

Grog Drinking: Space will always drink. By default, Up will leave the table, Left to hold your mug out to the left, Right to hold your mug to the right, Down will slam the mug and spill your drink. For each full mug you drink, you impress a new recruit. Spill too much and the barkeep gets you. However, each full mug makes you hiccup which can shuffle the controls around.

There is no sound.

I'll try and get better images up soon - but that lovely "I did this on a laptop track pad, 5 minutes before submitting" title screen will likely have to stay due to the rules!


18th August 2018

Minor bug fix to allow playing full screen for fist-sized pixels on those 4k monitors, rather than the 512x512 postage stamp. Also fixed missing "Made With GMS2" splash.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorArcade Badgers
Made withGameMaker
TagsLOWREZJAM, Pirates, Roguelite
Average sessionA few minutes


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Despite the silence, it's a very nice pirate game with seemingly a lot of land (and sea) to explore. The different mechanics for different situations mean that you have to definitely read instructions before playing, but it also means that the game stays fresh longer. Despite the simplicity, it feels like a good attempt at recreating the whole pirating experience.

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