Snake-A-Roid 2.0 - 4TG Edition Released

We've now released the 4TG Edition that was shown at 4TG last weekend!

Specifically, this is the Sunday build ( slightly tweaked a bit, but not by much ) so is locked to the Survival mode on the first arena.
It is, however, closer to the final game than the original 1.0 version is.

We're now adding some extra polish, tightening up the bosses, and getting the Steam integration sorted out so we have online leaderboard and achievement support!

Hopefully we'll have this finished off by the end of August, but it may slip as there's still a bit to do.

Till then, blast them rocks!


Snake-A-Roid 2.0 - 4TG Edition 4 MB
Aug 05, 2017

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